A Socially and Environmentally Conscious Company

Sustaining Our People, Communities, Environment and Business

At Rollins, Inc., we are focused on being a responsible corporate citizen. As we continue to innovate and grow, we are committed to sustaining our people, communities, environment, and business.

2021 Sustainability Report

Our sustainability report details our environmental, social and governance initiatives.

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Protecting Our Communities

We have several initiatives in place to reduce our impact on the environment.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing Carbon Emissions

By increasing efficiency at Orkin and Orkin Canada, were able to reduce carbon emissions. These improvements have decreased technician drive time by 128,040 hours, saving us 3.8 million miles and 47,000 gallons of fuel.

Saving Trees

Saving Trees

Through technological advancements, we have saved over 11,000 trees since 2015 and an additional 2,700 trees annually. Orkin Canada saved another 350 trees by recycling and reducing their waste.

Generating Energy from Waste

Generating Energy from Waste

Orkin Canada partnered with an innovative company that uses waste to make electricity and steam through a thermal energy process. Since they began using this new process, 100% of waste from the home office was redirected from going to the dump.

Environmentally Friendly Services

Environmentally Friendly Services

Northwest Exterminating, Orkin Canada and Clark Pest Control offer green services and solutions to their customers. Habitat modification, non-toxic, botanical products and sanitation services are a few of the environmentally-conscious solutions that they provide.


Taking Care of Our People and Communities

We have several social initiatives that are designed to make our employees safer and feel more inclusive. We are also making a difference in our local communities by encouraging that our team gives back via volunteer opportunities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where our workers feel safe and are treated fairly. We have created a top-to-bottom business strategy to help us strive for inclusivity, diversity, acceptance and tolerance.


To create organizational change focusing on workplace inclusion for all.

Strategic Pillars

  • Building Culture & Capability - A workplace that has a healthy environment, where backgrounds, perspectives and experiences are valued.
  • Developing Our Talent - A workforce that is built on a diverse talent pipeline with development programs and providing impactful associate engagement.
  • Growing the Business - A marketplace where we ensure diversity in suppliers, marketing efforts, and product services to clients.
  • Enhancing Our Brand - Being a good corporate citizen, where we demonstrate our social responsibility through community leadership and volunteerism.


To keep our people safe, we focus on preventing and identifying workplace hazards and unsafe behaviors. Our core safety principles are to be prepared, be a coach and be accountable. Training is crucial for keeping our employees out of harm’s way. We are focused on getting all our United Kingdom Technicians qualified as Health & Safety officers. Our thorough training programs have led to us receiving Training Magazine's “Top 100 Training” award 16 times.

Making a Significant Impact on the Community

Volunteerism is one of the ways we are committed to sustaining our communities. We participate in numerous outreach programs and believe volunteerism helps us attract and retain high-quality employees.

United Way

Over the last 39 years, the company and our employees have raised more than $18.5 million for United Way of Greater Atlanta. We have a committee that is dedicated to planning various fundraising events and activities for the non-profit. We are proud of how many employees have donated their time and resources to this worthy organization. We match 100% of all employee donations.

Rollins Employees Relief Fund (RERF)

We consider our co-workers to be family and want to help them when they face hardships. The Rollins Employee Relief Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was created to help employees during difficult times. The RERF is a separate entity from the company, and anyone can donate to the funds. In 2020 RERF, dispersed $150,092 through 76 grants.

Grove Park

To help support neighborhood revitalization in Atlanta, we have partnered with Grove Park Foundation. Employees from the Rollins’ family of brands volunteer to do various activities, such as yard cleanup and building garden boxes to improve residents’ quality of life.

A Spotlight on Workforce Diversity

We are always looking for ways to make our company more diverse. This year, we have added the independent pest control brand MissQuito, and we have an initiative to hire more retired veterans.


We are committed to making our workforce more inclusive and investing in our employees. Natasha Oldham has been with our company for eight years and leads MissQuito.

MissQuito is our first Black, and female-led independent brand. The brand has provided high-quality pest control services to its customers since March 2021.

Veteran Hiring Initiative

Veterans are disciplined, professional, dedicated and have a strong sense of family. These are all characteristics that make them a good fit for our company culture. Currently, 8% of our workforce is veterans, and we are hoping to increase that number to 10% by 2022.


Improving How We Run the Company

Improving How We Run the Company

We have initiatives in place to ensure that the company is managed ethically, and we are increasing shareholder value.

Enhancing Our Board of Directors

Enhancing Our Board of Directors

In 2020, we added our first independent diverse Board of Director. Now, five out of eight board members are independent. Additionally, we are improving the board by adding financial experts that are qualified by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Growing Our Family

Growing Our Family

We integrated 30 new companies and franchise buybacks in 2020. These acquisitions were domestic companies and international businesses in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore.