Exhibit 21 




List of Subsidiaries

Rollins, Inc. Delaware  
Orkin, LLC      Delaware  
Orkin Systems, LLC Delaware  
Orkin S.A de C.V. Mexico  
Orkin Expansion, Inc. Delaware  
PCO Acquisitions, Inc. Delaware  
Orkin Services of California, Inc. Delaware  
Orkin-IFC Properties, LLC Delaware  
Banks Pest Control California  
Rollins Continental, Inc. New York  
Rollins-Western Real Estate Holdings, LLC Delaware  
RCI – King, Inc. Delaware  
Western Industries-North, LLC Delaware  
Western Industries-South, LLC Delaware  
HomeTeam Pest Defense, Inc. Delaware  
The Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC Illinois  
IFC Services of California, Inc. Delaware  
International Food Consultants, LLC Texas 40.0%
Crane Acquisition, Inc. Delaware  
Waltham Services, LLC Georgia  
TruTech, LLC Delaware  
B. D. D. Pest Control Incorporated California  
Wilco Enterprises, Inc. Virginia  
PermaTreat Pest Control Company, Inc. Virginia  
Rollins Wildlife Services, Inc. Delaware  
Critter Control, Inc. Michigan  
Critter Control Operations, Inc. Delaware  
Northwest Exterminating Co., LLC Georgia  
Jody Millard Pest Control, LLC Tennessee  
Okolona Pest Control, Inc. Kentucky  
Rollins Employee Relief Fund, Inc. Georgia  
Rollins Acceptance Company, LLC Delaware  
King Distribution, Inc. Delaware  
PCO Acquisitions, Inc.    Delaware  
Rollins Dutch Holdings C.V. Netherlands 99.0%
Rollins Investment, LLC Delaware 1.0%
Rollins Dutch Holdings C.V Netherlands  
Rollins Netherlands B.V. Netherlands  
Orkin Canada Corporation Nova Scotia  
PCO Services Holdings Corporation Ontario  
Critter Control Operations Canada, Inc. Ontario  
Rollins Europe B.V. Netherlands  
Rollins Australia Pty Ltd Australia  
ROL-WA Pty Ltd Australia  
ROL-ADMIN WA Pty Ltd Australia  
ROL-GSN Pty Ltd Australia  
Orkin Australia Pty Ltd Australia  
Statewide Rollins Pty Ltd Australia  
Murray Rollins Pty Ltd Australia  
Rollins Australia Franchising Pty Ltd Australia  
Scientific PM Holdings Pty Ltd Australia  
Scientific Pest Management (Australia/Pacific) Pty Ltd Australia  
Rollins UK Holdings Ltd United Kingdom  
Safeguard Pest Control and Environmental Services Limited United Kingdom  
AMES Group Limited United Kingdom  
Kestrel Pest Control Limited United Kingdom  
Guardian Cleaning Services Ltd United Kingdom  
Guardian Hygiene Services Limited United Kingdom  
Guardian Pest Control Limited United Kingdom  
Baroque (S.W.) Limited United Kingdom  
Aardwolf Pestkare (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore  
Rollins Dutch Holdings UK Ltd England and Wales