Our Businesses

Orkin Pest Control

Orkin founded in 1901 by 14-year-old Otto Orkin, Orkin has more than 100 years of experience in pest control services and are leaders in the industry, specializing in protection against common pests, including termites, rodents, and insects. In addition to pest control, the company also offers integrated plans to help protect the whole home, including insulation and moisture control services. Orkin employs nearly 8,000 team members in more than 400 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, and Australia serving approximately 1.7 million residential and commercial customers.

Website: orkin.com
Founded: 1901

HomeTeam Pest Defense

HomeTeam Established in 1996 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, HomeTeam Pest Defense is the number one pest management company providing service to home builders. The company has exclusive technology with its unique Taexx® tubes in the wall pest control system, allowing for effective and convenient pest control for its customers.

Founded: 1996

Orkin Pest Control

Orkin Canada is Canada's largest pest control provider and a leader in the development of fast, effective and environmentally responsible pest control solutions. Our professionals have set the Canadian standard for pest management and prevention in all categories of business – from residential to commercial to manufacturing, industrial, shipping, mining, grain and government.

Founded: 1954

Western Pest Services

Western has been providing quality pest control for residential and commercial customers in the Northeast since 1928. The company employs a full staff of Field Supervisors, Quality Control Coordinators and Staff Entomologists to maintain the highest standards of performance for the commercial and residential clients.

Founded: 1928

Critter Control

Critter Control, the nation’s leading wildlife control company, was founded in 1983. The company provides animal control and animal removal services for homeowners and businesses. The company handles animals large and small, with a focus on vertebrate pests such as squirrels, raccoons, bats and a variety of birds. The services focus on getting rid of animals, preventing them from causing damage and/or repairing the damage they’ve already caused.

Founded: 1983

Industrial Fumigant Company

IFC is a leading provider of pest management and sanitation services and products to the food and commodity industries. The company has developed a market-leading reputation for providing consistent, reliable and high quality service to their clients.

Website: indfumco.com
Founded: 1937

Trutech Wildlife Service

Trutech established in 1984, Trutech is one of the largest animal control and removal and wildlife removal companies in the U.S. Trutech helps protect our customers from the hazards of wildlife in their homes and businesses while ensuring animals are removed in a humane and ethical manner.

Founded: 1984


Allpest was established in 1959 and is headquartered in Perth, Australia. Allpest provides traditional commercial, residential, and termite service as well as consulting services on border protection related to Australia’s biosecurity program and provides specialized services to Australia’s mining and oil and gas sectors.

Founded: 1959

Waltham Services

Waltham Services one of the most established pest control companies in America, Waltham Services has been providing New England residents and businesses with peace of mind from pests since 1893. The company’s reputation has been built upon decades of personalized attention to solving and preventing pest infestations throughout New England.

Founded: 1893

Perma Treat

Located in Central and Northern Virginia and founded in 1967, Perma Treat is a leader in general pest and termite control, real estate inspections, new construction pretreatment, outdoor pest control, and services to industrial, commercial and residential customers.


Crane Pest Control

Established in 1930 in San Francisco, California, Crane Pest Control, Inc. is a leading commercial pest control provider serving Northern California and the Reno/Tahoe Basin.

Murray Pest Control

Murray Pest Control in Australia has provided pest control to suburban Adelaide and country SA since 1959. The company uses only the latest, safest products and eco-friendly techniques to protect homes & business from termites and pests. The company is committed to ensuring treatments are safe for their customer’s homes and businesses.


Statewide Pest Control

Statewide was established in 1994 and provides a variety of residential and commercial pest control services. The company primarily services the state of Victoria, including metropolitan Melbourne, and reaches up into New South Wales.



Established in 1991 and headquartered in Westersham Kent, United Kingdom, Safeguard is a long established pest control company in the UK, with a rich history of providing superior pest control, bird control, and specialist services to residential and commercial customers.